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Bishop's Granddaughters: A Novel
ISBN-13-9780615721552   $10.00
ASIN B009V3UALQ Ebook   $2.99  (Amazon)
One summer Rev. Viola Flowers, a highly respected pastor of a church in Los Angeles, returns home from a family reunion in the Deep South with an old dog-eared Bible that relatives at the reunion claimed was her late grandfather’s Bible. Upon examining it closely she discovers that certain pages had been ripped out. “What happened years ago so horrendous that our family history had to be torn from the family Bible?” she wonders aloud with alarm.
She’s so troubled by the obliterated material that she travels to the South to investigate her family history. And she’s not prepared for what she finds there: a grisly double murder in 1910. “Sweet Jesus, was grandpa involved in those awful murders?” she moans to herself. Her grandfather was a legendary bishop in the Church of God & Spirit. Her father was also a prominent minister in that church. This is not a thriller or murder mystery. It’s a novel about a courageous lady preacher whose religious faith must carry her through many serious challenges, including the possible disgrace of her family.
Genre: Women’s fiction, African American fiction, General fiction with a Christian fiction bent.


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